Financial and Economic offenses

Economic offenses are offenses with a business motive that are carried out in  the framework and as part of the business activity of the perpetrator of the offense – a person, a factory or a company. For example, offenses under the laws governing the sale of gas and fuel, the sale of medicines, or the employment of foreign workers, offenses that are most commonly committed by business owners, are considered financial offenses.

Our Firm represents clients in “white collar” offenses charges and has extensive experience in the field of financial offenses. Officers of a company may also be liable for their company’s offenses, if they did not properly supervised the activities or have not done everything possible to prevent the offense.

Another characteristic of most economic offenses is that the conviction of the criminal defendant does not require will, criminal intent, or even knowledge, and it is sufficient to establish that the business owner or the enterprise did not do all they could to prevent the offense. This is a very high level of responsibility, higher than a negligence.

In light of such unique characteristics, our Firm, in addition to court representation, provides preventative advice aimed at examining, as much as possible, whether criminal activity is being committed during the course of business, or if it may lead to it. This examination is of great importance to officers of a corporation who may pay a heavy personal economic price for the corporation’s failures that led to the indictment. Prevention and early detection of offenses that the Company and/or its owners and officers are not aware of, is a precious target from the perspective of the Company, which generally desires to act in accordance with law. This also helps to build and maintain the reputation of the company (or business) alongside economic, social and marketing benefits.