Annual Vacation Law-Amendment No. 15- Additional Vacation Days for Israeli Employees

The 15th amendment to the Israeli Annual Vacation Law, 1951 came into effect on 1.7.2016.

According to the Amendment, commencing on 1.7.2016 Israeli employees with up to 4 working years of experience, will enjoy an additional vacation day (on a “gross” basis, including Saturdays), so that they will be entitled to 15 days off (gross) a year instead of 14, and commencing on 1.1.2017 this amendment shall apply also to employees with up to 5 years of experience who will be entitled to 16 vacation days (on a “gross” basis)  per year.

In conjunction with the provisions of the “General Expansion Order”, employees working six days per week will be entitled to 13 days off (on a “net” basis) or 15 days (on a “gross” basis) instead of 12 days and 14 days, respectively, and employees working 5 days per week will be entitled to 11 days “net” (instead of 10). As of January 2017 such employees will be eligible for 14 “net” vacation days and 13 “net” days, respectively.

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