“Not Just Another Law Office …”

Barak, Mintus – Law Office is a law firm for which no client is “just another client”, and for our clients our Firm is not “just another law firm”. From this perspective, we provide a service that focuses on the unique strategy that suits each particular case, using an “outside the box” thinking, while creating personal relationships and building trust with our clients. The Firm provides legal services to individuals, corporations and authorities, both local and foreign, and consider itself a partner in pursuing and accomplishing each client’s aims and objectives.

Our Firm specializes in civil-commercial law, environmental law and representation in economic and financial offences.

In the field of civil-commercial law, our Firm has extensive experience in corporations laws, hi-tech companies, mergers and acquisitions. The Firm also specializes in administrative petitions and tenders, labor law and litigation.

In the areas of the environmental, financial and economic offences, our Firm has extensive experience in managing criminal proceedings, administrative proceedings, hearing proceedings, regulatory matters, representation of authorities, and handling of levies, administrative fines and monetary sanctions.

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